┬áSometimes, life comes at you hard! Not that anything unusual starts happening, even though that can happen too, it’s just that seems start to feel so much more real or dramatic or life affecting. As if all of a sudden all the little new things join together with all the old big things, that for the most part have been dealt with and stay at bay as constant reminders that they’re still problems, and decide to make this day, this weekend, this week, hell even sometimes this month, seem like your world is gonna start falling apart! Work, Money, School, Girls, Family, and just living, what ever your order is, they all just merge together, and seems as if Satan just has to kick start one problem and you mind pulls a domino effect on all your problems, worries,and anxieties. I used to be an extremely anxious person. Sometimes just talking to too many people or being around too many people, would set me off into a panic attack. I can remember times growing up where little situations in life would set off a catalyst of emotions and nothing but completely breaking down could calm me. Mind you, now I look back and think what a basket case! I mean the simplest of worries would send me whirling to new heights! But, that’s before I allowed Christ to rescue my heart and mind. I now know what Deuteronomy 6:5 means, when it demands that we love the Lord our God, with all our Heart, all our Soul, and all our Strength. Because that’s what it takes to give Him everything and let Him control it all! It takes all my Strength to say, ” God this is yours not mine! Take these worries and stresses and make them yours! Heal me of all my infirmities! Make me a new Heart and a Soul and give me new Strength in you, I give you all that I have and all that I am!” So much love that belongs to Him that never makes it, so much wasted strength on the things He wants to take over, so many lost and battered souls, because we keep them in harms way instead of allowing Christ to deliver them to the Father! I thank you God for showing me how much I’m worth and how much I need you on a daily basis. because without you I’m lost and fighting for a worthless cause.

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