Guess It’s Been Awhile….

¬†Through the year my life has been down up and around again just a few times. all for the sake of making me a better man. A man that can live up to the expectations a Father as set forth for him. You see God has been shaping and molding me, not without some struggle, but I still accept it. I know it’s for the better. But some things are harder to move through. The details may change throughout my life, but the problems still remain. Until I learn to give it all away, I’ll just be reliving reruns in my life. Guess it’s been awhile since I felt this way….

¬†Guess It’s been awhile since we last spoke,

Sometimes I need that reminder as to why I’m still here.

I attempt to speak the words but I always choke.

There’s gotta be a way to release this fear.

You tell me to wait and to be patient,

The time will come when it all makes sense.

But I want it now like your my agent.

Like I’m calling the shots, not suppose to be riding the fence.

I stand up straight and yell to the skies,

"This is my life I choose the time".

Guess it’s been awhile…

Guess it’s been awhile since I felt this way…

Since I’ve felt so arrogant.

Like I could go back on all things you said.

Patience is the one thing I forget again and again.

Love is something you must learn over time,

From who better to learn than from the one who bled.

Watch over me with every wrong choice I make,

The vow to follow you I do solemnly take,

I’m confident you love me without mistake.

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