Father’s Love…

There you were, the center of His whole world,

He used to call you His little princess and treated you as such.

Somewhere along the way the tiara made of dreams and high hopes,

Began to crumble under the false expectations that this world held over your head.

You replaced innocence with smiles emptied of all their joy by broken promises,

And allowed your dignity to be snatched away by arms not strong enough to carry their own distorted self-image or warm enough to keep you from the coldness of their hearts.

They tried to place you upon pedestals that were only high enough for the love of your Father.

And you fell, you fell hard.

You shattered the cherished image of a little girl,

Grasping to her Father’s hand for dear life as if too scared to face this world alone.

Faint remnants of that girl cross your mind on eves where the glasses of forgotten-pasts

And shots full of life-long fears don’t seem to drown out the plans He had for you…

The beauty that was given to you was once seen as a blessing,

Now only to be reduced to the thoughts of endless flaws and imperfections,

Unable to run from the cage you’ve been imprisoned in,

Man made of lustful stares and degrading glares.

Who have you become? Who is this girl?

How you’ve turned the eyes that read of the greatest love story ever written

Into darkened silhouettes full of deceit, I’ll never know.

Each morning that you wake, tears fall from the mirrors that must bare an image that use to reflect so much more than regret and over-due desires.

He sits upon your window-pane, hoping the sunlight will remind you of the warmth you once felt wrapped up in His mercy and the security of His grace.

Each sunrise is a melody composed for an audience of one,

Each full moon the overture plucked out with each shining star,

With the hopes of uncovering memories that have been long since buried under a house of cards built by jokers trying to claim His bride.

The heart of the Father is strong and relentless, never backing down,

In these characteristics of true Love He finds the most pride.

I pray for the day that your ears are opened and you embrace the sound of a long awaited reunion,

May the fears, regrets, lost passions and your damaged reflection be washed away by the immensity of His tide…

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