Take a look at the world from the inside,

from the inside of His glorious mystery.

 Spanning from one scarred hand to the next,

His love rushing like a tide.

 Waves of glory never ceasing against injustice or tragedy,

 but flooding them with majesty!

He rains His power over all that He reigns over,

seeking the generation willing to take a stand in His name unwilling to back down!

We rise up with the truth knowing without our Father we are unable.

 But we are for our Father is with us!

He has made beautiful things out of the unholiest of creatures and breathed His ever-constant light into our darkened worlds.

 We are able to overcome with the one who overcame the darkness and all that suppressed Him.

Through the blood of the precious lamb and His testimony we are given a perfect blueprint in which to build the foundation of our faith upon, built without fault, nor crack, or lack of integrity.

 If only we could construct something so pure,

 my heart and soul will wait upon the Lord in silence,

 for from His side flows my salvation…

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