“If common sense makes the most sense, then don’t search for more sense, for then you might find non-sense” Paul Shockley

My Mirror

    The mirror that I use to see me, isn’t the one that hangs on my bathroom wall or the one that sits in my room. The mirror that I use to see me are the words that I write when I’m completely honest with myself. The words I write come from within. They are our part of me, they are me. Though the inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit, He speaks from my heart. I’m thankful that God has given me this insight into who I am and allows me to do in a way that hopefully encourages others through my testimony. Whether or not the things I write can be called poems doesn’t matter me. It’s an expression of my inner thoughts. It eases my soul to get them out and possibly shared. Maybe they make sense maybe they won’t…guess we’ll find out. If you feel inspired or moved by anything I write on here, please share it with me. Thanks.

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